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Free Speech or Hate Speech

My Point Of View   Recently a swastika was discovered in the bathroom of the Fletcher Free Library in Burlington. It is not the first nor will it be the last time such childish acts will take place. Every so often there are news reports from near or far that tell us that some small…Continue Reading

Love Him Or Hate Him

My Point Of View   If you were hoping to score a knockout for your side forget it. I’m not talking about a boxing match but the slug fest known as Washington politics. The recent testimony of Former FBI Director James Comey did little to move public opinion or Congressional posturing. If you are a…Continue Reading

Old News, New News

My Point Of View   The events over the last few weeks were strangely reminiscent of a time long ago but not so very far away. In 1962 the United States and the former Soviet Union were involved in a dangerous geopolitical game of chicken. Under Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev medium range ballistic nuclear missals…Continue Reading

Weather or Not ?

My Point Of View By Tim Philbin  Everyone at one time or another talks about the weather. Here’s my point of view The recent blizzard that this region endured left more then a few people scratching their heads. In Vermont winter and snow go hand in hand. To us the white stuff means the green…Continue Reading

National Passion and Local Politics

My Point Of View By Tim Philbin It will be interesting to see if the national passions that brought a tidal wave of change in the Presidential election is carried over to local Town Meeting Day voting. To say that communities in Vermont are far removed from national or international issues is no longer true.…Continue Reading

Current Weather

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