Jack Healey Commentary March 19th,2020

As fans know by now because of the cancellation of the girls basketball championship games in Divisions 2 and 4 and the semi’s in Divisions 1 and 3, the Vermont Principal’s Association declared quad champions in Divisions 1 and 3 and co-champions in Divisions 2 and 4. I think what the VPA did was a great idea!

I understand that players want to settle things on the court,but that wasn’t to be so the VPA decided to salvage something out of the situation. It was a no brainer! Declaring quad champions was unprecedented,but there have been tri-champions before. Pre 1970, Vermont had so called mythical state champions in high school football as they were voted on by the state’s sportswriters and one of Rutland High’s state championships was a tri-championship in 1960 as the Raiders shared the state title with BFA of St. Albans and Montpelier.

Co- championships have been awarded before too. Proctor has won eight state championships in girls soccer,but one of those championships was shared with Wilmington in 1999 after the two teams played to a scoreless overtime tie in the Division 4 state championship game.

There were co -champions in boys soccer in 2003 when BFA of St. Albans and CVU played to a scoreless overtime tie in the Division 1 state championship game.

By the way before the college football playoffs there were co-national champions several times as the UPI and AP both had mythical national champions and they didn’t always agree on the same teams!

Yes it was a strange ending to the season,but considering the circumstances I think the VPA did just fine!

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