Jack Healey Commentary July 22nd, 2019

I didn’t see all the induction speeches at the Baseball Hall of Fame yesterday, but I did see the speeches by Edgar Martinez,Lee Smith and Mariano Rivera and they were all outstanding!
I went to the Hall of Fame once and that was back in 1977. I hope to get back some day. Cooperstown, New York is a special place.
The Vermont-New Hampshire Lions Cup Soccer Games were played on Saturday at a stifling Dave Wolk Stadium at Castleton University. New Hampshire won the 37th annual girls game 3-1 and New Hampshire leads in the series now 19-13 with 5 ties. Rutland High’s Elise Magro was named the Vermont 12th Player!
Vermont won the 45th annual boys game 2-0. Some places say that the series is tied at 18-18 with 9 ties and others say New Hampshire leads 19-17 with 9 ties. There has been a discrepancy in the boys series for years. The Lions should finally look into that and get it straight. There was only one radio station in the state that gave any publicity to the Lions Cup games. Yes Just one and that was WSYB. The coverage  you get on WSYB isn’t  routine  around the state you know.
The Vermont-New Hampshire scorecard this year now reads Vermont 5 New Hampshire 4. Coming up the final All-Star game and the granddaddy of them all the 66th annual Shrine Maple Sugar Bowl Game on Saturday August 3rd at 5:30 PM.
Let’s see .The Red Sox scored 17 runs on Saturday night and almost get no hit on Sunday. Explain to me again about momentum. When are you people finally going to get it?

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