Jack Healey Commentary June 28th,2019

For the record I correctly predicted 7 of the 9 American League starters and 7 out of the 8 starters for the National League for the All Star game coming up on July 9th in Cleveland.
Now to the US womens soccer team:
I have explained the National Anthem respect thing a million times both on the air and in these blogs, but one more time yes you have a right to do what ever you want in concerning the flag and anthem etc., but I also have just as much right to write and say what I believe. In short, disrespect is disrespect no matter what the reason.
US womens soccer co-captain Megan Rapinoe has a right to not put her hand over her heart during the anthem. I believe this time is different because it’s more than an individual thing. She is representing her country playing for a USA team in a foreign country. Whatever her beliefs, it’s bigger than that. She is representing her country. Show some respect!
Secondly if she doesn’t want to go to the White House, we get it, but come on show some class.Yes her response was during an interview back in January, but she should at least have chosen her words differently. I don’t really know if she has apologized for the wording she used, but it really doesn’t matter now as far as I’m concerned. I called her a jerk this week and I was too kind because I should’ve called her a horses ass!
Alex Cora didn’t go to the White House either, but he at least showed some class in his explanation for not going.
Recently in this commentary I defended the US womens soccer team’s 13-0 victory over Thailand when many people did not. I said it’s the World Cup, it not high school!
I’m an American and I hope the US wins the World Cup, but I now find this team to be not very likable. They seem to be more arrogant than confident. To me it’s the classic “Ugly Americans”!
I say go TEAM USA, but quite frankly if they were to lose I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it!
The Red Sox and Yankees this weekend in London and I’m shaking in my boots thinking how many home runs the Yankees will hit there. The over-under is like 16 total. I’m serious!

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