Jack Healey Commentary June 6th, 2019

For once will people get off Tom Brady’s back?
Why the furor from Mets fans over whether Tom Brady’s “people” have decided to trademark “Tom Terrific”? Wait a minute you can’t do that because Tom Seaver is “Tom Terrific”, not Tom Brady. My first reaction was who cares? Like “Deflate Gate” it was much ado about nothing. Of course if there is an opening to bash Brady, people will walk right in and do just that.
Seriously how many people really remember that Tom Seaver was called Tom Terrific? He retired 33 years ago and many of the fans whining probably never even heard of him until like two days ago. It’s ridiculous!
I love Tom Seaver. He’s a Hall of Famer and a class act and he’s having a tough time right now, but this isn’t about him really it’s about bashing Brady.
Here are a few facts:
#1 “Tom Terrific” was first a cartoon character in the 50’s.
#2 Tom Seaver, a Mets icon was traded by the Mets, not once, but twice!
Seaver was traded by the Mets to Cincinnati in 1977. Seaver eventually got back to the Mets and for the 2nd time was traded. This time Seaver was traded to the White Sox in 1984.When Seaver won his 300th game in 1985, he did it in a White Sox uniform,not in a Mets uniform!
Seaver’s last season was with the Red Sox in 1986.Along with 1969, 1986 was the most famous year in Mets history.Yes Tom Seaver was a big part of the 69 Mets, but he was on the team that lost in the World Series to the Mets in 86.
So to all you whining fans….Just shut-up! You are all a bunch of hypocrites!!!
It was 75 years ago today. D-Day June 6th, 1944. Good friend George “Mich” Braves who worked with me for many years on WSYB radio was a teenager in the Navy and was at D-Day. I can’t even imagine what that day was like. “Mich” died in 2006. May he rest in peace. We are forever grateful for “The Greatest Generation!”

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