Jack Healey Commentary May 14th, 2019

Somehow I think if Toronto fans had a choice between the Raptors winning in game 7 or the Maple leafs winning in game 7, they would take the Leafs winning in 7. It is hockey and it is Canada remember!
I’m going with Milwaukee over Toronto in 6 in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals and I have Golden State over Portland in 6 in the NBA Western Conference Finals.
I already gave you the Bruins over Carolina in 6 in the NHL Eastern Conference Finals and I’n going with San Jose over St. Louis in 6 in the NHL Western Conference Finals.
I love Doc Emrick!
Ever wonder whatever happened to the Athlete of the Month program sponsored by the Vermont Sports Media Association? You should ask all the Vermont media members who let it die by not participating in it. I call it laziness!
One last thing on the Red Sox visit to the White House and my apologies for bringing it up again, but I’m pretty sure that John Henry, Tom Werner and Sam Kennedy didn’t vote for President Trump and my guess is they don’t like him very much either!

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