Jack Healey Commentary April 29th, 2019

The Bruins are in for a battle with Columbus as they coughed up the home ice advantage with their double overtime loss on Saturday night. I had the Bruins in 6 going in to the series, but they have to be better. Stupid penalty by Patrice Bergeron which led to the power play game winner.
Solid win by the Celtics in game 1 against Milwaukee.
Houston could’ve won game 1 in the series against Golden State, but they were too busy bitching to get it done.
I have said many times that I learn more about college football during the bowl season and the two weeks leading up to the draft than any other time. #1 I don’t have time to watch college football so I depend on people like Mel Kiper. I’m talking with a Giant fan this past weekend after the Giants drafted Daniel Jones, the quarterback from Duke who went to the Giants at #6. I said it was surprising because all I read or heard was that he was probably going to be a 2nd rounder or possibly at #32 to the Patriots. My Giant fan friend basically accused me of thinking I knew more than talent evaluators or people like Mel Kiper who do evaluating for a living. I know! That’s where I was getting my information. DUH!! That’s what everybody does don’t they? Of course not everybody admits it. Geez this fan was being defensive because most experts thought the pick was stupid. Personally I don’t care. I will say though that none of this is an exact science. Who knows? Daniel Jones could turn in to the greatest quarterback ever and Kyler Murray could be a bust. Case in point…Remember Ryan Leaf who was chosen #2 overall and Tom Brady who was chosen #199 overall in the 6th round?
My co-host on the WSYB Sports Talk Show this past Saturday was Jake Lagasse who is a sophomore at Rutland High School. Jake was fantastic! He was prepared and knew his stuff! It was refreshing!!

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