Jack Healey Commentary April 25th, 2019

I’m going with the Bruins over Columbus in 6 and Milwaukee over the Celtics in 6 in their respective Eastern conference semi-final series.
I got to say that Tukka Rask was pretty good in the series against Toronto especially in game 7. Maybe it isn’t fair, but it’s only one round. He has to do it three more rounds.
It’s amazing that the Toronto Maple Leafs have lost six straight game 7’s.
Bill Russell was 10-0 in game 7’s.
I can see how the Vegas Golden Knights were upset about the major that led to four goals by San Jose in the 3rd period in their game 7. Vegas did come back to tie the game, but San Jose won in overtime. It probably should’ve been a minor, but still Vegas gave up four goals during the major!
It’s amazing how the Yankees keep winning while experiencing so many injuries.It seems everybody they insert in the line-up comes up with a big hit. They are really going to be scary when they get healthy.
The NFL draft starts tonight. I’m generally interested in the first round, but you really have to be fanatic to be interested on days two and three!I

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