Jack Healey Commentary March 25th,2019

The Vermont Basketball Coaches Association had its final day of high school basketball this past Saturday at Windsor High School. Rutland High’s Jamison Evans was named the Boys Player of the Year and St. Johnsbury’s Sadie Stetson was the Girls Player of the Year for the 2nd straight year.
The NCAA mens basketball tournament is down to the “sweet 16”. Wow Duke was almost knocked off by UCF!
Virginia Tech defeated Liberty 67 -58 in the 2nd round. Virginia Tech is located Blacksburg, Virginia and Liberty is located in Lynchburg, Virginia. They are 94 miles apart. You know where the Virginia Tech-Liberty game was played? It was played in San Jose, California which is almost 3000 miles from Virginia. I don’t think there was any whining about playing the game in San Jose, but there was certainly whining in the Rutland area about the Proctor-West Rutland girls basketball game being played in Barre and the MSJ-Mill River boys basketball game being played in Barre. There are pre-determined sites. Why can’t some fans accept that?
By the way there seemed to be some people on social media that were upset that Liberty won its first round game and were rooting against them in the game against Virginia Tech. That’s OK of course, but I dare say that one reason might be that Liberty is a Christian college. I detect some bigotry there.

Great talking with former Burlington and Nebraska football standout Jeff Hughes on WSYB Sports Talk this past Saturday.

Jeff will be one of the inductees going into the Vermont Sports Hall of Fame on April 13th. Jeff is currently living in St. Petersburg, Florida and is battling Parkinson’s Disease. I’m glad to hear that Jeff will be making the trip to the induction ceremony.
Some fans might be surprised, but not me that Rob Gronkowski has decided to retire. I would’ve been somewhat surprised if he didn’t retire. Why not retire on top after winning a Super Bowl? He’s a first ballot Hall of Famer!
Next stop….Canton!
Ichiro retired last week and he’s a first ballot Hall of Famer too!
Next stop….Cooperstown!

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