Jack Healey Commentary January 18th, 2019

My NFL record is 160-88.
This Sunday I’m going with the two home teams:
New Orleans over the LA Rams and Kansas City over the Patriots.
I believe home field does make a difference in the NFL especially in the Conference championship games.
I don’t see anything wrong with the Patriots playing the underdog card. The Patriots are underdogs in this game and pundits across the country have been talking about the Patriots reaching the end of the line for months. Maybe not Vegas for the most part, but it’s all they talked about on the ESPN and Fox shows that I’ve listened to. I would say Tom Brady’s comment ” Everybody thinks we suck” after the Chargers game was pretty accurate. Maybe not everybody, but certainly most of them.
If the Patriots lose on Sunday I can guarantee you most of the pundits will say “See we told you so.”
By the way I’m still waiting for the New York Post to print a story about any player in the NFL who doesn’t play for the Giants or Jets or Tom Brady who didn’t make their incentives in their contract. I’m not talking about a press release, I’m talking about a story with a byline and a headline. Big difference!
Bill Rohr who came within one out of a no-hitter against the Yankees in his major league debut in 1967 will be my guest on WSYB Sports Talk tomorrow at about 9:15 AM. Should be fun!

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