Jack Healey Commentary November 9th, 2018

I went 6-0 in my high school football picks in the semi’s last week to go to 103-36 on the year. I can’t catch George, but here goes:
Division 3 Woodstock over Poultney
Division 2 Burr and Burton over Fair Haven. Might wear out the scoreboard in this one!
Division 1 Rutland over Mt. Mansfield.
Did you know that Rutland coach Mike Norman has won eight state championships?
This is his 25th year so it averages out to one championship every three years and he will get #9 tomorrow. Good argument to be the best coach in Vermont football history!
Don’t put too much into Rutland getting the home field advantage in the championship game. Of course you rather not travel, but come on! As Gene Hackman pointed out when measuring the height of the basket in “Hoosiers”, the last time I looked a football field was a 100 yards everywhere.
It’s not as if there will be 75,000 fans on hand.

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Rutland, VT, USA
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