Jack Healey Commentary October 18th, 2018

Yes I thought it was a home-run and no interference on the ball that Jose Altuve hit last night in the first inning and the Red Sox got a huge break. A couple of things though that might be overlooked. #1 that did happen in the first inning and there was a lot of game left. #2 Houston did eventually go ahead in the game and the Red Sox did come back. Take this anyway you want, but I did see one set of commentators who felt the interference call was the right call because contrary to what many fans think Mookie Betts wasn’t all the way back to the wall so it could be interpreted that the fan indeed did interfere with him trying to make the catch. I really can’t tell, but if you want to be picky the call the night before that ruled a catch by Tony Kemp on a fly ball by Steve Pearce did indeed ever so slightly scrape the fence, but it was ruled a catch. It cost the Red Sox a couple of runs. Again I thought it was a catch and it was tough to tell, but I saw a clip later the next day that showed the ball scraping the fence, but just barely.
Houston manager AJ Hinch is a class act. He accepted the call and was calm as could be during the post game press conference. He could’ve bitched about the call all night and he didn’t. Yes very classy indeed!
I’ll say again what is the problem with Craig Kimbrel? He should buy Andrew Benintendi a new car or at least take him out to dinner.
it’s week #7 in the NFL. I went 9-6 last week and stand at 53-38.
Thursday October 18th
Denver over Arizona
Sunday October 21st
LA Chargers over Tennessee
NE Patriots over Chicago
Indianapolis over Buffalo
Miami over Detroit
Minnesota over the NY Jets
Philadelphia over Carolina
Tampa Bay over Cleveland
Jacksonville over Houston
New Orleans over Baltimore
LA Rams over San Francisco
Washington over Dallas
Kansas City over Cincinnati
Monday October 22nd
Atlanta over NY Giants

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