Jack Healey Commentary May 31st, 2018

I am of course disappointed that the Celtics lost game 7. It was there for the taking and Lebron spoiled the party. He was great and I can see why many consider him to be the best of all time. The best or greatest is always subjective anyway. I consider Michael Jordan to be the best basketball player of all time, but I’m starting to think Lebron is. I’ve always thought Jim Brown was the best football player of all time and the 1976 MSJ football team was the best Vermont football team of all-time. It’s all opinion of course.
So I’m disappointed that the Celtics didn’t win, but I’m not disappointed in the sense that this team was depleted and young and it went further than I expected. I think the team’s youth had a lot to do with the failure to win on the road. The Celtics didn’t have to win on the road because they had the home court advantage which was fine until the final game. To be fair Cleveland was missing Kevin Love it’s 2nd best player for the last two games and won both games. Of course the Cavs had the best player and the best player again was Lebron!
Don’t get me wrong, you either win or you don’t. The Celtics had a 3-2 lead and had two shots to win one, but couldn’t close the deal. There are no moral victories in pro sports!
You have to play the games, but I think the Cavs  lose in the NBA Finals to Golden State. I say  Golden State beats Cleveland in 6, but let me say one more time Cleveland has the best player and that player is…..Lebron!

For some reason Lebron haters don’t want to give him any credit. It’s just like Tom Brady haters. They just don’t want to give him any credit either. First thing I saw on social media after Philadelphia beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl was Brady lost to a back-up quarterback. Yea I know Brady only had one of the great Super Bowls in history throwing for 505 yards. Oh yea I guess the defense had nothing to do with it. To me the greatest thing about social media is that the public makes the media look better and better every day. Please could any of you show at least a little objectivity?


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