Jack Healey Commentary May 25th, 2018

Everybody has an opinion on the NFL ruling and the National Anthem. There probably shouldn’t have been a ruling at all because it just stirs up the pot again. That being said here is my feeling on it again. I think any player has a right to kneel or protest the National Anthem or the flag if they want to. That of course is anybody’s right. In the case of the NFL players I understand the reasons for the protests and I sympathize with them. I understand that players say they mean no disrespect, but regardless of your intentions the protesting is showing disrespect whether you think so or not.
I repeat everybody has the right, but I have the right to think it’s disrespectful. I always try to give complete attention to the National Anthem when I hear it, but at times I’m not paying complete attention. I might be looking at my notes or writing down a line-up during the Anthem and that is also being disrespectful. It might not be intentional, but no matter what the reason it is still being disrespectful.
Of course fans have a right to boycott games if they want to, but personally I don’t see the point in it. I enjoy watching the games so why would I punish myself by not watching? It seems silly to me. There are fans who say they are boycotting, but many of them aren’t fans anyway. Not all of course, but I think many of those who boycott games are casual fans so it doesn’t make much difference to them whether they watch the games or not.
It’s game 6 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals tonight. I would be shocked if the Celtics wrapped it up tonight and I would be surprised, but not shocked if Houston wraps up the Western Conference Finals tomorrow. I see two game 7’s coming up. One in Boston on Sunday and another at Golden State on Monday.

Why was Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski not being at the Patriot OTA’s news? Who cares? They are voluntary anyway. It must’ve been a slow news day!

If the Red Sox aren’t going to worry about their catchers offensively, then they should take a look at them defensively. The way I see it Sandy Leon is better than Christian Vasquez offensively and is better than Vasquez defensively too. Nine of the ten pitchers currently on the Red sox have lower ERA’s when Leon is catching. Eight of them have given up fewer home-runs. That info is in the column by Julian Benbow of the Boston Globe on Sunday.
Vasquez has the reputation of being this great defensive catcher, but last week he was charged with a passed ball that a little leaguer would’ve caught and he botched a one hop throw to the plate that would’ve nailed the base runner. Speaking of little league, what about grabbing at the ball with his mask a couple of weeks ago? You would expect that in little league. Leon isn’t exactly Babe Ruth at the plate and he hasn’t played much so it’s a small sample size, but at .208 Leon is batting over 25 points higher than Vasquez is. Leon is also a switch hitter. I say Leon should be the first string catcher and not Vasquez. There is one problem and that is that the Sox are paying Vasquez too much money to be a back up.
I’m glad “Justify” won the Preakness as I now have somebody to root for in the Belmont!
I did watch some of the Royal Wedding and I did enjoy it. I’ll tell you that I really like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and they can be my king and queen any day.

I say Washington beats Vegas in 6 in the Stanley Cup Final which starts on Monday.
In high school softball a couple of days ago Otter Valley defeated Fair Haven by a score of 6-3. That in itself isn’t significant, but earlier in the season Fair Haven defeated Otter Valley by a score of 41-1. Do you still wonder why I always say every game is a separate entity and one game has nothing to do with another?

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