Jack Healey Commentary May 17th, 2018

Here’s a news flash for the Boston Red Sox! Jackie Bradley, Jr. and Christian Vasquez are not in slumps! They simply can’t hit! There is a difference! To be in a slump you have to somewhere along the line hit. When you hit and then don’t hit for awhile, that’s a slump. What Jackie Bradley, Jr. and Christian Vasquez are doing now is the norm. When those two hit it’s news, not when they don’t hit because that’s what they do. What they do is they don’t hit!  As of today Jackie Bradley, Jr. is hitting .171 with 2 homers and 9 RBI’s. Christian Vasquez is hitting .179 with no homers and 5 RBI’s. I repeat, they are not in slumps! That’s what they do! By the way that’s the Sox’ center fielder and catcher and the Sox have one of the best records in baseball. That’s a miracle!

Legalized sports betting… I agree that TV ratings will go way up because more people will care about games because they are betting on them and I agree that states want to get more of a piece of the pie and they will make money with the legalization. Despite all that, I’m against it. I know there is already gambling now and there are many fans and I really don’t call them fans who think games aren’t on the level now, but I think legalized gambling will open up a whole new can of worms. Everything in a game will be questioned. I think it will be a mess!
I have a problem anyway with fans and again I don’t really call them fans who care more about point spreads than they do about who actually wins the game. Do you ever hear people who gamble ever talk about what a great horse race they just saw or the beauty of a horse? It’s always about win, place or show. Legalizing sports gambling is like putting up a bar next door to an AA meeting. Sports and gambling might go hand in hand , but I don’t think it’s necessarily a good marriage.
I’m getting a little tired of the Eagles’ Lane Johnson. Ok Lane you think that Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick and the Patriots are all arrogant. Maybe they are. We get it, but what about you? The arrogance from you is way over the top! You won the game! What’s the problem? Shut-up already!
Pat Riley once said, a series doesn’t start until the home team loses. I agree! What the Celtics have done to this point is remarkable, but so far they have only held serve.

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