Jack Healey Commentary March 29th, 2018

It’s finally here the 2018 baseball season. I’ve been looking forward to it for awhile. I think the Yankees are loaded and really good, but I think the Red Sox are really good too. Here goes my predictions for 2018:
NL West NL Central NL East
1. LA Dodgers 1. Cubs 1. Washington
2. Arizona 2. St. Louis 2. Atlanta
3. SF Giants 3. Milwaukee 3. NY Mets
4. Colorado 4. Cincinnati 4. Philadelphia
5.San Diego 5. Pittsburgh 5. Miami

AL West AL Central AL: East
1. Houston 1. Cleveland 1. NY Yankees
2. Angels 2. Minnesota 2. Red Sox
3. Texas 3. Milwaukee 3. Toronto
4. Seattle 4. Kansas City 4. Baltimore
5. Oakland 5. Detroit 5. Tampa Bay
NL Wildcards Arizona and St. Louis
AL Wildcards Red Sox and Angels
World Series Houston over the Dodgers

Some rule changes in the NFL. The “catch rule” has been changed. I actually thought the “catch rule” was fine before. I thought it took the subjectivity out of the decision for the officials. I really thought the calls on a catch were pretty consistent until the Super Bowl anyway. I think there will be more controversy with the way the catch rule is now quite frankly. I think the calls will be all over the place. We will see.
I tuned in to watch ESPN’s “Pardon The interruption” yesterday and saw that Keith Olbermann was going to be one of the hosts and immediately turned the channel. I think he is a complete “horses ass”!
It’s funny how Yankee fans are all of a sudden obsessed about payroll now.

I see that Don Imus is retiring. Quite frankly I never thought he was that good and I never saw the attraction that people had for his show. i always thought he mumbled and was hard to understand. I was always annoyed that there were people who listened to the Imus  Show instead of the local WSYB morning show. Why would anybody listen to a show that never talked about Rutland stuff? I never got that and I never will!


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