Jack Healey Commentary December 19th, 2017

Let me repeat what I already wrote yesterday because it’s amazing what people don’t seem to get.

Jesse James did not complete the catch! That’s the point! Breaking the plane doesn’t matter if you’re a receiver if you don’t complete the catch. It’s pretty simple and  plays like that have been called consistently over the years which is the point of the rule, which makes it a good rule. The rule takes the subjectivity out of the officials’ hands. The first time it was called was like 7 or 8 years ago on a play by Detroit’s Calvin Johnson. Same thing! He didn’t complete the catch! If they thought it was a bad rule, they would have changed it then.

By the way if you want to talk about a lousy call or non call… how about the ineligible man down field on Pittsburgh’s first touchdown. Forgot about that one did ya?

The Red Sox have resigned Mitch Moreland for two more years which will strike fear into the hearts of Yankee fans everywhere. In Moreland’s defense he really wasn’t completely healthy last year.

I went 11-5 in the NFL, which included picking Pittsburgh by the way, which brings my overall record to 138-86.

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