Jack Healey Commentary December 18th, 2017

I agree! It was a terrible call! It’s a stupid rule! Before anybody gets too excited I’m not talking about the Patriots-Pittsburgh game, I’m talking about the Dallas-Oakland game. Dak Prescott didn’t get the first down and the rule where the opponent gets the ball at the 20 yard line if a player fumbles the ball out of bounds in the end zone is a stupid rule and should be changed!

So much for that so on to the Patriots-Pittsburgh game . It wasn’t a catch! That rule has been interpreted the same way for years now and even though at times it requires replay to get it right the call has been pretty consistent. Now the “Tuck Rule” was a dumb rule and had to be changed, but I actually think the catch or no catch rule is a good one and shouldn’t be changed. If it was going to be changed, it would’ve been changed by now. The Dez Bryant catch or no catch happened two or three years ago so why wasn’t the rule changed then? I think it’s a good rule because it points out parameters of what a catch is. If it were not a rule, it would be more subjective than it is now. The calls would be all over the place. Sometimes it’s a catch, sometimes it isn’t. I think the rule serves its purpose.  It’s  like the force play at 2nd base in baseball. Have your foot on the bag, not in the neighborhood. Don’t make it an almost catch, make it a catch!

By the way the argument about “Breaking the plane” is not the same for a runner as it is for a receiver because to put it simply a receiver has to complete the catch.

A couple of other things:

The Patriots didn’t clinch anything except the AFC East. If the Patriots don’t beat both Buffalo and the Jets and Pittsburgh and Jacksonville win out the Patriots will be the 3rd seed let alone the first seed.

The most important Patriot vs. Pittsburgh game is the next one if they meet again, not the one yesterday.

The Patriot defense is bad again. The Pats had the lead with 56 seconds left and Pittsburgh was in a position to win it. That should never have happened. It’s a real concern as it has been for years in my opinion.

The Patriots defense did make the play at the end , but it should never have come down to that.

Also Pittsburgh could’ve kicked a field goal to send the game to overtime so why didn’t they?



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