Jack Healey Commentary October 18th, 2017

A gruesome injury  suffered by Gordon Hayward in his Celtics debut as he suffered a broken ankle, a broken tibia and apparent ligament damage. As a fan I’m disappointed of course as I was looking forward to watching him play with the Celtics this season, but more importantly I just hope he is out for the season or by a miracle earlier than that, but I hope the injury isn’t career threatening.

Got to give the Yankees credit as they have stormed back to tie the ALCS at 2-2. The Houston bullpen has been exposed so the Astros better hope that Dallas Keuchel and Justin Verlander are real good again in their next two games or the Astros will be going by way of the Cleveland Indians.

I get why there are still protests of the National Anthem by NFL players and I support their right to protest, but I still think it is disrespect for the flag and the Anthem and everything they stand for regardless of the reasons for protesting. That being said it doesn’t bother me and i will continue to watch games and I won’t boycott because I enjoy watching the games. I still think that people who are boycotting NFL games aren’t real big fans in the first place. I think there are exceptions and I think the real fans who are protesting are a minority. If ratings are down there are more reasons than just players kneeling as far as I’m concerned.

For those of you who  think that Colin Kaepernick isn’t good enough to play in the NFL. Think about this:

Kaepernick is ranked #17 all-time in passer rating. He is ranked in front of among others Andrew Luck at #22, Matt Stafford at #23 and Eli Manning at #39.

He is also ranked in front of Hall of Famers Otto Graham at #25, Dan Marino at #27, Brett Favre at #29 and Roger Staubach at #41 to name a few!

I’m still astounded by the criticism of Joe Buck. It never seems to be about his play by play, it’s always about what people perceive to be his bias or who he is rooting for. It continues to baffle me. It’s ridiculous!

Speaking of sports, the WSYB sportscasts twice per hour on  every morning Monday through Friday are for the SPORTS FAN. They are not designed for the non sports fan. Outside of sports stations on radio and TV, most sportscasts aren’t designed for the sports fan. They are designed for the people who are not sports fans. You know what I mean, make sure the sportscast is short so we don’t lose the people who want to hear the weather forecast.

WCAX TV Channel 3 used to have sports designed for the sports fan, but not anymore as far as I can see. The 6PM news doesn’t have sports until nearly 7PM. I don’t know what genius came up with that idea.

The sportscasts on WSYB are designed for the sports fan and there are hundreds of local sports stories that are broken first on WSYB sports! I know only sports fans read this commentary, but I had to point it out. You sports fans do get it, right?

I hope so!

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