Jack Healey Commentary October 13th, 2017

Wow! How would you like to be a Washington Nationals fan or a Washington Capitals fan too for that matter? Dusty Baker has lost the last 10 elimination games. On this Friday the 13th, that’s a lot of bad luck there!

The only division series I predicted correctly was the Houston victory over the Red Sox.

Here goes:

Houston over the Yankees in 6 in the ALCS

Dodgers over the Cubs in 6 in NLCS

Post Mortem on the Red Sox season:

No consolation to win the division and then lose in the division series. The season is down the drain as far as I’m concerned. I think in most cases the season is down the drain if you don’t at least get to the World Series. That being said the Sox just lost to a much better team. The Yankees are a much better team than the Red Sox too by the way and even though I have Houston winning the series in 6, i wouldn’t be surprised if the Yankees pull it off as they did against Cleveland.

The Red Sox have a lot of work to do next year. The team obviously needs power and a power bat or 2 needs to be added. Number 2 ranked bullpen in the American League, but they just didn’t pass the eye test for me. Apparently John Farrell didn’t trust the bullpen either or Chris Sale wouldn’t have come back in the 8th inning in game 4. I did agree with the move by the way. Farrell has been fired, but not everything was his fault. The team wasn’t good enough and that is the fault of the front office.

When does spring training start?

High school football week #7. I went 13-2 last week. I’m now at 72-19 overall

Friday October 13th

Rutland over Essex

Fair Haven over Bellows Falls

Burr and Burton over Milton

BFA-St. Albans over Colchester

Brattleboro over Mt. Anthony

Burlington over Middlebury

Mt. Abraham over North Country

U32 over Woodstock

Missisquoi over Springfield

Saturday October 14th

Mill River over Otter Valley

Windsor over Poultney/MSJ

St. Johnsbury over CVU

Hartford over Mt. Mansfield

Rice over South Burlington

Lyndon over Spaulding


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