Jack Healey Commentary September 7th, 2017

As for the Red Sox stealing signals using electronic devices…. Throw the book at them, have them forfeit games, take away draft choices and of course fine them heavily. Ok you satisfied? I’m being facetious of course and I think the Red Sox should be punished, but this was jaywalking, it was not the “Crime of the Century”. I feel the same way as I did after “Spye Gate” and Deflate Gate” with the Patriots as I felt the Patriots should be punished [and they were], but neither was exactly the “Crime of the Century” either.

I am of course a Red Sox and a Patriots fan, but I can honestly say that if all these things were done by any other team or teams I would hardly pay any attention to it. It wouldn’t have fazed me in the least. For some reason there is an obsession with this by non Boston fans and quite frankly it astounds me. Get over it because again “It’s Much Ado About Nothing!”

I have to give both the New York Post and Daily News credit as their headlines are funny and of course they jumped on the Red Sox spy thing right away. The only thing I would’ve done is wait a day or two because they were both scooped by the New York Times on the story. OOPS! I wouldn’t have given one of my competitors so much credit.The editors probably didn’t even think of it because of course the Post and Daily News both cater to two year olds!

Have you heard Lenny Dinardo and Todd Walker do color on the NESN Red Sox broadcasts? They are both great!

NFL Week #1:

Thursday September 7th
Patriots over Kansas City

Sunday September 10th

Dallas over the  NYGiants

Pittsburgh over Cleveland

Arizona over Detroit

Houston over Jacksonville

Cincinnati over Baltimore

Oakland over Tennessee

Atlanta over Chicago

Washington over Philadelphia

Buffalo over the NY Jets

LA Rams over Indianapolis

Green Bay over Seattle

Carolina over San Francisco

Monday September 11th

Minnesota over New Orleans

Denver over LA Chargers


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