Jack Healey Commentary August 7th, 2017

  It was the 2nd straight Vermont victory in the 64th annual Shrine Maple Sugar Bowl Game this past Saturday before a big crowd at Castleton University’s  Spartan Stadium as Vermont blanked New Hampshire 19-0. It was the first time Vermont has won two straight in the series since winning three straight between 1975-1977.

         Fair Haven’s Dylan Ellis scored both Vermont touchdowns. He caught an 11 yard touchdown pass from Burr and Burton’s Griff Stalcup  and scored on a 17 yard run.

Mill River’s Mike Morgan kicked field goals of 35 and 30 yards and also made a spectacular play on a punt late in the game.

           Both Ellis and Morgan are going to Castleton.

           All the Rutland area players played well.

Rutland’s Jimmy Mee rushed four times for 42 yards including a 38 yard run and caught three passes for 18 yards.

          Otter Valley’s Brent Nickerson rushed ten times for 48 yards and Rutland’s Max Pockette had six tackles and also a strip sack.

            New Hampshire leads in the series 47-15 with 2 ties.

I get it about New Hampshire not sending its best players because many of them play in the East-West CHAD Game in June. Come on folks! New Hampshire has more football playing schools , larger schools and of course a larger population. The playing field has been leveled off somewhat and I don’t think that is bad thing. The bottom line is I think talking about who is playing and who isn’t is disrespecting not only the Vermont players, but also the New Hampshire players. Remember the game is being played for the patients at the Shriner’s Hospitals.

The Vermont-New Hampshire scorecard this year ended up Vermont 6 New Hampshire 6.

             I loved reminiscing about  past Shrine Games  on WSYB Sports Talk last week with Fair Haven’s Kevin Pereau, MSJ’s Mike Hackett and MSJ’s Robbie Gilligan. They were all great!

              Phil Hall will not be the head varsity football coach at Otter Valley after all. Phil told me that he wants to devote his full attention to being the Vice Principal at MSJ. For now the rest of the coaching staff is in charge of the Otter Valley football team.

               Garren Poirier and Herb Aiken defeated Max Major and Frankie Sanborn 3 and 2 to win the Pierce Tournament at the Rutland Country Club.

               I’m not a fisherman, but I do watch the “Mad Fisherman” with Charlie Moore on NESN every once in awhile. He fishes with well known celebrities or athletes like Tim Wakefield and Bobby Orr and he really is funny and entertaining. He was at Mountain Top recently to tape a show. It has already aired on NESN, but probably will be shown many times in the future.

Was it Vermont Day at Fenway this past Saturday? You would never know it!

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