Love Him Or Hate Him

My Point Of View

By Tim Philbin


If you were hoping to score a knockout for your side forget it. I’m not talking about a boxing match but the slug fest known as Washington politics.

The recent testimony of Former FBI Director James Comey did little to move public opinion or Congressional posturing. If you are a Trump hater the moment Director Comey said good morning you were jumping for joy that your wish for a redo of the last Presidential election was finally going to take place.

This was gonna “nail Trump” one person said to me.

If Comey had said that Trump was a heaven sent saint who could help blind men see and lame men walk they would want him prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license.

For the Trump supporters nothing Comey could say or accuse the outspoken President of would dissuade them from saying it was all attempt to undermine the man, the nation, the constitution and even the world.

So while the politicos plot their next controversy and the press pushes some more fake news the rest of us will be enjoying a long awaited summer filled with beaches, barbecues, graduations and vacations.



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