Jack Healey Commentary May 29th, 2017

I love the banter[ I really actually hate it] on social media about who is the best ever Michael Jordan or Lebron. You can back up your arguments by statistics, but as always it’s a matter of opinion. It’s like beauty, it’s in the eye of the beholder. I think Michael is the best, but I have no problem with people thinking Lebron  is or anybody else for that matter. I have one criteria, you have to give credit to the ones you don’t think are the best ever. It’s called objectivity! I don’t know why objectivity is so hard for the average fan.

Golden State vs. Cleveland in the NBA Finals. I’m going with Golden State in 6. They won’t blow a 3-1 lead this year! By the way I hope people don’t talk about rust when it comes to Golden State. By the time game 1 rolls around on Thursday June 1st it will be a week since the Cavaliers have played too. They have as much chance to be rusty as Golden State does.

Got to give Pittsburgh credit getting the job done against Ottawa in game 7. That’s two game 7 wins for the Pens this year. It’s Nashiville vs. Pittsburgh in the Stanley Cup Finals with game 1 tonight in Pittsburgh. I’m going with Nashville in 6!

David Price is making his season debut for the Red Sox against the White Sox this afternoon. I was watching a show in Boston last night and a few of the hosts said the Red Sox were setting Price up for failure.

How does anybody know? Price could get hammered just like his two rehab starts, but he could also toss a 2 hitter. That’s the beauty of baseball. You never know. Did anybody predict a shutout by Brian Johnson on Saturday? I certainly didn’t!

I’m not a big racing guy, but there is something special about the Indianapolis 500! I love the pre- race stuff and whether it’s Jim Nabors or anybody else the singing of “Back home Again In Indiana” is spectacular! Don’t get me wrong i don’t watch the whole race, but I do check in periodically and I watched the last 10 laps or so. It was exciting!

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