Jack Healey Commentary May 15th, 2017

The Derek Jeter ceremony at Yankee Stadium last night was awesome! Everything about the guy is perfect and everything last night was perfect including his perfect speech. Next stop Cooperstown!

To me the NFL equivalent to Derek Jeter is Tom Brady. He just doesn’t get the respect Jeter did and I don’t know why. Don’t tell me it’s because of “Deflategate” ! He wasn’t getting any respect long before that!

The Celtics will win game 7 tonight. When I was a kid the Celtics always won game 7’s. If they do win game 7 it will be their last win of the season.

That was some meltdown by San Antonio yesterday. I know the injury to Kawhi Leonard had a lot to do with it, but you can’t blow a 25 point lead especially in the playoffs. I would love the Spurs to win the series, but I can’t stand Gregg Popovitch. His name should be Gregg Pompous!

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